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1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L

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: Мая 30, 2019, 04:06:43 pm
2019 1FATP8UH3K5159596 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible SS headlight

Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L vin: 1FATP8UH3K5159596
Lot sold for   20900
Auction:    I buy fast
Lot number: 28658375
Date of sale: 12.05.2019
Year: 2019
VIN: 1FATP8UH3K5159596
Condition: Run and Drive
Engine: 2.3L I4 N
Mileage: 827 miles (Actual)
Seller: Avis Budget Group
Documents: CLEAR (Florida)
Location: Orlando (FL)
Estimated Retail Value:
Transmission: Automatic
Body color: Blue
Drive: Rear Wheel Drive
Fuel: Gasoline
Keys: Present
Notes: Not specified
The bad
CNBC | Mack Hogan
We’ll have to spend some more time with it before we have a verdict on what it’s like to live with, but the GT350 is certainly one of the most fun cars we’ve tested.
PUBLISHED SUN, MAY 19 2019  11:00 AM EDT
Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 6
The Mustang doesn't have that problem. The Ford's inability to lower or raise its top (a 10-second process) while moving is certainly a flaw, but when it comes to passenger and cargo room, the 1FATP8UH3K5159596 Mustang is far superior. Its trunk opening is fairly wide, and even with the top down, the Mustang can swallow two carry-on bags. Inside the cabin, the Mustang is far more livable, too. The front buckets are comfortable, supportive, and roomy, and although I wouldn't want to spend time in the back of either convertible, the Ford feels far roomier.
The Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang are close competitors on the track, but most professional automotive journalists say the Camaro has a slight edge over the Mustang. Much of this relates to the Camaro's incredibly sharp handling, though its refined powertrains also add to its advantage. That said, few will ever push their sports car enough to discern a difference in performance between these two. It's a different story on the inside, 1FATP8UH3K5159596 however. In this regard, the Mustang often comes out on top, thanks in part to comfier accommodations, better visibility for the driver, and a larger trunk.
1FATP8UH3K5159596 History
Plusses: the 5.0 liter 460 hp, 420 ft lbs. of torque v8 engine, coupled with its 3,705 lb curb weight, makes this mustang super fast, and an absolute blast to drive. Set on the gas pedal, and your acceleration is blistering. The 460 hp Mustang GT shows the clear difference between that car and the Ecoboost Four Cylinder Base Mustang. This is a serious contender the the Scat Pack Challenger R/T (can you say, “May Muscle Car Mayhem, 1FATP8UH3K5159596 2018 Edition!?” You’d better say yes to that!). Good visibility, braking, handling, nice quality interior, front seat comfort, and interior/exterior styling.
5 Cool Things: The 2020 1FATP8UH3K5159596 McLaren GT 01:10
May Muscle Car Mayhem! 2018 ends with a tie, but that’s just fine with Consumer and Car Exam and The Car Exam. The Ford Mustang GT and Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack are two awesome cars that show at least for 1FATP8UH3K5159596 now, American Muscle Cars are still viable and uniquely American treasures.
1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L
1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L
1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L
1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L
1FATP8UH3K5159596 Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L
The Ford Mustang GT Coupe is one of the most iconic muscle cars in the world, and according to IntelliChoice, it also has a low cost of ownership. The five-year ownership cost 1FATP8UH3K5159596 is $49,460, while its five-year depreciation is $17,465. Over a five-year period, Mustang GT Coupe owners will spend $14,498 in operating costs. The Subaru WRX STI comes in second place, with a five-year ownership cost of $52,021 and a 60.46 percent retained value. Third place belongs to the Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe, which has a 51.28 percent retained value and a five-year ownership cost of $53,628.
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2019 Ford Mustang Convertible GTC29 shifter 1FATP8UH3K5159596
2019 Ford Mustang Convertible GTC29 front 1FATP8UH3K5159596 wheel
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