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Manual - How to run staking with CLI under Linux for encrypted wallets

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To start staking using encrypted wallet, you have to unlock it first. This can be done using command: ./nxboost-cli walletpassphrase ’yourwalletpassword' 0 true Be sure to use single quotes, overwise you will get 'incorrect password' error. Also be sure your wallet is synchronized before and random rpcuser\rpcpassword are defined in nxboost.conf file. You can check staking status by entering command: ./nxboost-cli getstakingstatus The result should be the following:

  "validtime": true,
  "haveconnections": true,
  "walletunlocked": true,
  "mintablecoins": true,
  "enoughcoins": true,
  "mnsync": true,
  "staking status": true

If you have "mnsync": false, and "staking status": false, you probably have to wait an hour or so and check again.